GBIF Globe

Overlaying GBIF occurrence data tiles onto WebGL Earth

Visualisation showing the GBIF specimen occurrences on the WebGL Earth 2.0 interactive globe.

Open Data Day Hackathon

Mapping species in the Greater London National Park

At this year’s International Open Data Day, I was part of a team hacking natural history data to tell a compelling story about our changing environment.

Crowdsourcing the collection

Building a live digitisation and transcription showcase

Once a year the Natural History Museum hosts Science Uncovered, an evening celebrating its science and research with visitors. My team - Biodiversity Informatics - has always taken part but since most of our work is computer-based, we often struggle to find ways of engaging the public with a monitor screen. That becomes even more of a challenge when we’re competing with an entire Museum of exciting science to explore! This year I wanted to try something a bit different.