MP Report Card

A report evaluating an MPs performance in the 2010-2015 parliamentary session, with metrics including financial interests, expenses and number of votes.

The data comes from a variety of open data sources and websites. The financial interests had to be scraped directly from the Commons’ Register of Members’ Financial Interests, and this dataset is released as open data.


  • Backbone JS
  • Solr
  • Open Data
  • Scraping

Natural History Museum Data Portal

Lead Architect of the Natural History Museum’s Data Portal, building an open access platform to release all of the Museum’s collections and research data.

As project manager, I introduced an agile (kanban-based) approach. It was the first Museum project to be run using a fully agile methodology, and the site launched on-time, under-budget and with all functionality delivered.

We also implemented an open access approach, with the project milestones, kanban board and source code publicly available.


  • CKAN
  • Python
  • Postgres
  • GIS
  • NodeJS
  • BackboneJS

Science Uncovered

Transcription app built for Science Uncovered 2014. At this live event, members of the public could have a go at transcribing our specimen labels.

It’s designed to be quick and intuitive to use, so our time could be spent explaining the science (or rather the handwriting).


  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS


I was co-founder and developer of Richseam, a music recommendation engine using real connections between artists. Artists work with those who inspire them, bands share members, musicians produce and tour together.

We mined a variety of open data sources to graph two million relationships between 170,000 musicians. The site was listed as a top-50 startup at the 2013 Pioneers festival.


  • Neo4j
  • Python
  • Drupal
  • Open Data


A drupal-based open science and virtual research platform.

Based at the Natural History Museum, scratchpads allow scientists around the world to collaborate and share their taxonomic research.


  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Open Science